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Sharp in mind.
Intuition in business.
Faith in data.

Let's build another billion-dollar company together.

You have an idea, we know how to do it.
We make you ready for a sharp growth.

# Our_investment_strategy

We are an experienced investment group primarily investing in start-up pre-seed, seed and Series A investment rounds. We SHARPly focus on areas we know inside out, because it's the most effective way to help start-ups develop their ambitious global products.


Are you developing an interesting product? Do you want to become our next DoDo? Let's talk! Send us your pitch deck, so your SHARP future can start happening.


# Team

Michal Menšík

Michal Menšík

Founding Partner and key visionary

Michal has been in business for over 15 years. Founder of e-commerce akcelerator Inveo, Slevin.cz (Exit 2008) and DoDo. Under his leadership DoDo has achieved triple-digit growth and became the fastest growing technology company in Czech Republic.

Mario Megela

Mario Megela

Partner for Business Development

Mario’s passion is connecting the world of technology and business. He has more than 15 years of experience with leading digital and internet projects across the world.

Jan Demuth

Jan Demuth

Partner and Head of IT

For Jan, data are the holy grail, that turns information into insights, enhancing business. Jan set the course of development in dozens projects for key e-commerce players on the market.

Matej Zabadal

Matej Zabadal

Investment Director

Matej’s focus is creation and evaluation of business plans, structuring transactions and helping companies build sustainable business models. He is responsible for the investment process at V-Sharp Ventures.

Tomáš Hůlka

Tomáš Hůlka

Investment Manager

Tomas is focusing on global trends and disruptions, being especially interested in making things SHARPer through digitization. Helping DoDo with its fast-paced development for 2 years, he is also the right person to talk to about logistics start-ups.

# Portfolio

Inveo is a powerful e-commerce accelerator, which provides 360° digital solutions for a dozen strong multinational e-commerce players and successful start-ups.
Founded: 2009

DoDo is a data-driven logistics startup sharply focusing on last-mile same day delivery of goods to the end customer
Founded: 2015

Ydistri is cloud service startup solving deadstock issue, using redistribution based on probability models and sophisticated algorithms.
Founded: 2019

Atoto is an agile marketplace that allows you to easily launch a fully functional e-commerce marketplace with same day delivery feature.
Founded: 2020