Our initiatives

Life doesn’t unfold linearly. There are easier and more difficult phases, and it’s not always an easy decision to commit to a rough idea in your mind to develop it into a clear business opportunity. Often, it might be financial reasons that hold you back from following your visionary idea.

We designed V# Foundership to aid you in this kind of situation. To select founders, we offer finances covering their living costs that allow them to turn their idea into a fundable startup. Along with the finances, we offer methodological support, as well as access to our know-how and network. In ideal scenario, the Foundership ends with a proper investment from us to kickstart your company.

Czech startup ecosystem navigator

StartupBeat helps people better navigate the Czech startup ecosystem. It aims to be a signpost that directs you to all relevant actors and information in the space in Czechia and beyond.

Our purpose with StartupBeat is to level the information for everyone and thus contribute to the growth of the community. We believe StartupBeat can make life easier for the community veterans too.