Our industries

“I want to order my groceries, dinner, new mobile phone, wardrobe, washing-machine, and a couple of t-shirts and have them delivered – NOW!”

This is what logistics (and e-commerce) is all about nowadays.

People are quickly getting used to order online all kinds of goods and have them delivered not within days or weeks, but right away, in hours if not even in minutes, and seamlessly, at just a few clicks.

This may sound easy, but it is not at all! The challenge to move things around is unprecedently huge and complex. I am 100% sure that the holy grail of logistics lies in data-based efficiency and productivity orchestration; simply every (wasted) second counts.

And this is why I am looking for disruptive and smart solutions automating and digitizing processes across the whole industry (eg. in last-mile, long haul, fulfillment, incl. use of robots etc).

Faster than ever before.

Our e-commerce investment thesis is simple: Customers want everything available with a click of their mouse or a tap on the phone – and they want it now!

While most types of goods and services are available online in some form or shape, getting to our vision of the future will take the effort of many great companies – maybe yours is one of them!

It is still early!

I believe it is still early days in the digitalization of financial services – whether it is payments, banking, investments or crypto – and eventually, our financial lives will be seamlessly embedded into e-commerce, software and all of our daily lives.

And we are looking for the start-ups that want to make it happen – whether it’s embedding in e-commerce, SaaS, logistics or other products and industries.