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About V# Venture Studio

Agile, decisive and brutally honest.

We are part of V#

V# has been building strong game changers for over 10 years disrupting even traditionally looking industries.

Founded 2009

Inveo is an innovative agency that has specialized in e-commerce since 2009. We provide comprehensive e-commerce solutions in the business sphere and offer specialized services across the entire market.


Founded 2015

DODO is a data-driven logistics startup sharply focusing on last-mile same day delivery of goods to the end customer.

V# Venture Studio

Founded 2021

Investing in early stage start-ups in logistics, e-commerce, and fintech. Active investor with vast business and operational experience.

V-Sharp Venture Studio’s Founders

Two founders, two different business approaches, one venture studio – these are Michal Menšík and Zdeněk Šoustal, well-experienced businessmen combining know-how from both start-up and traditional business worlds.

„Good idea and initial investment of the founders are rarely enough to build fast growing and scalable start-up, therefore our aim is to be real partners who are always at hand and ready to help, bring in not only money, but also our experience and know-how, and prevent founders from doing the same ,f..k-ups’ we already did ourselves in the past.

We do believe that combination of the two of us may provide the founders with precious lessons and help them move their project forward much faster“, say the founders.

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V-Sharp Venture Studio's Founders


Investment in Aimful


Saving working hours by changing one’s meetings and behavior.

Investment in Aimful

Investment in Advanto


Earned wage access app.

Investment in Advanto

Investment in Ydistri


Deadstock killer for retailers.

Investment in Ydistri

V-Sharp Venture Studio was created


Helping to-be unicorns in logistics, e-commerce and fintech, supporting start-ups with vast experience and know-how.

V-Sharp Venture Studio was created

DoDo was Established


Started as a personal assistant and concierge, now a major last-mile delivery player in Europe.

DoDo was Established

Inveo was founded


Inveo was founded and providing complex e-commerce solutions since then.

Inveo was founded