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Investing our own money allows us to act flexibly. With investments of up to 1 million EUR, we provide support to fintech, logistics and e-commerce start-ups in pre-seed, seed and Series A stages.
  • Ideas are good.
  • Data is even better.
  • But execution is the key.

We invest in founders with a clear vision for business disruption in e-commerce, logistics and fintech, and in start-ups in the Seed, Early Stage and Series A rounds.

We focus on areas we know inside out. That is the only effective way to help start-ups develop their ambitious global products.

We choose carefully and ensure we place our investments effectively and responsibly. Our focus is #sharp and we remain closely involved in all of our founders’ businesses.

Investing is an art.

Real traction, market reach and disruptive innovation or just a scribbled idea?
We are open minded and eager to hear from all!


Our favorite stage which gives us the opportunity to turn the first scribbles into perfect execution. It’s never too soon!


A step in the right direction is a good start but the road is full of obstacles. We know how to navigate you around them.

Series A

Analyzing already rising start-ups and helping them optimize their processes is an exciting way to invest.

Venture studio V-Sharp Alpha was created by two successful investors.

Jointly investing their own money and key know-how, V-Sharp and Reticulum help founders and businesses accelerate their growth in the super fast evolving world of start-ups.

Smart money is on the table!

Join the V-Sharp family and get much more than venture capital. Become part of the ecosystem of experienced and enthusiastic professionals and work together in real synergy. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and contribute to the product development with more than just a financial injection. Smart money is on the table!

Our values enable us to grow consistently.

Data approach

A data-based approach is essential and the only efficient way to succeed. We are drawn to products with a strong base and all of our projects are data-driven.

Uniting diversity

Creativity, know-how, experience. Our diverse ecosystem allows each member to think independently and in synergy at the same time. That way our start-up founders see their business from all points of view necessary to achieve real success.

People first

We build strong, long-lasting relationships. Only close cooperation, open communication and trust can truly accelerate the abilities and urge to grow. V-Sharp will become your family.

We’ve done it before. Successfully!

Our strong partnerships. Your profit.

We never stop looking for new ways to help.


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